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Godling Hosts Fundraising Workshop for Activate Fellows


Raise In Less Time, With Better Terms

We help founders and fund managers craft stories that inspire investment. Together, we uncover your strongest fundraise positioning and bring it to life through your materials.

We do our best work with founders who understand the process of raising capital is meant to be thoughtful, intense, but short. Months spent fundraising is months wasted. Get your capital, at the right terms, from the best people and get back to building.

Seed to Series B
Venture Funds
Total dollars raised by our clients from top funds & institutions including:
Sierra Peterson

Sierra Peterson

Founding Partner

"Your work has significantly accelerated our fundraise. People love the Voyager deck and it gives us a sense of momentum going into pitches knowing that your beautiful, compelling work has formed the first impression of Voyager."

Nate Loewentheil

Nate Loewentheil

Managing Partner
Commonweal Ventures

Hiring Godling was one of the best decisions I’ve made since founding Commonweal Ventures. Daniel and Eric are smart, creative, fun, and insightful. They genuinely care about the success of their clients and push for the best outcomes, even if that means challenging assumptions. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence

CEO & CO-founder

"Albert and his team are shepherds for turning your story into capital. They inquire, form, guide, and challenge the way you convey your company to investors; they offer hardline tactics and produce collateral that reflects your company’s truest self."

Andrea Ippolito

Andrea Ippolito

CEO & Co-founder

“Godling goes above and beyond to listen to your needs and co-designs some truly beautiful content. They are structured, organized, and keep you focused. The end creative is outstanding and they work incredibly collaboratively along the way!”

Damien Dwin

Damien Dwin

CEO & Founder
Lafayette Square

“After a single meeting, the team reverted with a story outline that was critical in helping me communicate the necessity of an entity like Lafayette to the world. That simple outline opened many doors with critical investors.”

David Mackanic

David Mackanic

CEO & Founder
Anthro Energy

Working with Godling dramatically accelerated our fundraising process. They helped us craft a story that I loved telling that also resonated strongly with investors. Our story and deck helped close our round sooner than we though possible.

Jamie Balsillie & Wilson Ruotolo

Jamie Balsillie & Wilson Ruotolo

Hedgehog Foods

We were initially skeptical as to whether Godling was right for us. Daniel and Eric put that to rest in the first few minutes of interaction. They are experts in their craft, and were invaluable in helping us work through the more complex aspects of our raise narrative. This service was worth every cent, and I will be recommending their work to all of my founder friends moving forward.

Ramsey Hamady

Ramsey Hamady

Partner & Fund Manager
Gulf Capital

"As a fund manager raising from LPs, my BS detector is high. Godling brings real insight that makes a difference on the raise. I continue to go to them for insight on the market and fund positioning."

Adam Dawkins

Adam Dawkins

Managing Partner
Terra Nova

“Godling is incredibly detail oriented and are easy to work with. They consistently meet deadlines and are fantastic communicators. They're the only firm I'll work with on branding and design and recommend that all of my portfolio companies use them as well.”

Mike Annunziata

Mike Annunziata

Managing Partner
Also Capital

“The Godling team are master storytellers. They helped us get at the core of our company's narrative quickly and articulate it visually in a way that is very compelling.”

Our Process

We usually met our founders & fund managers 1-2 months before they began their raise. Occasionally, we may jump in mid-raise for a company that's facing roadblocks, but has deep potential.


Together, we do a 360 audit of your company & fundraise progress to-date from interviews through to investor feedback. Behind closed doors, we talk with our investor relationships to understand the lay of the land from the other side of the table.



We start by defining your target investor groups and develop messaging that resonates deepest with them. As you begin your outreach, we talk through the feedback together to refine our approach.


Material Creation

Once we have a clear, powerful, and inspiring story, we create your fundraise materials - your deck, memos, elevator pitches, and anything else needed to bring that story to life.


Fundraise Strategy

We know fundraising is opaque. We stay with you as a partner to help you navigate the process - from handling investor politics, evaluating term sheets, to strategizing around cap table composition. Once you work with Godling, we will forever be here for you.

Select Clients

We work with a small number of clients each month in an intense, high-touch manner.

Seed-to-Series C Startups

Venture Funds & LPs

A Close Knit Partnership

We blend our past and current lives as investors, founders, and creative strategists to support founders in their upcoming fundraise.

Albert Dong

Albert founded Godling in 2019 as a full-service creative agency servicing the growth of early-stage startups & funds. In that time, we worked with 100+ companies to launch new brands, products, and close successful fundraises.

In 2023, we reorganized Godling to zero'd in on what we were best at: being the thought partner to founder during their fundraise.

Concurrently with Godling, he built out the platform team of First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund as their Managing Partner, advised the portfolio & incubations of Wavemaker Partners as their Creative-in-Residence, and built the design team of Lafayette Square as they scaled from 7 to 90 people as their Director of Brand.

Today, he serves as a Venture Partner for Also Capital and focuses his time working closely with a handful of inspiring founders to remove their fundraising roadblocks.

Albert has made dozens of investments across sectors, primarily at pre-seed & seed, with a focus on consumer and climate. Ask him about his love for sculpting.

Daniel Beer

Daniel brings an institutional perspective to Godling, having worked with company founders and investment funds on fundraising operations for over a decade.

Prior to Godling, he led operations at impact advisory firm Centri Capital as Chief of Staff, supporting 15+ family office groups, banks, global financial institutions, foundations and endowments on investment strategy and execution in firms, funds and projects.

He started his career in technology, facilitating ~$15M in secondary transactions on behalf of LATAM family offices in late-stage technology companies, and developing early-stage investment ecosystem at MITA Ventures.

At one point, Daniel founded a climate-tech company. Today, he works often with climate-focused founders and funds, hard-tech entrepreneurs and impact-focused organizations.

Eric Poon

Eric is an experienced operator, strategist, and systems thinker. His two decades in culture, technology, and venture have given him a unique perspective as a builder and capital allocator.

Prior to Godling, he helped Apiera Capital raise $200M, scaled the online fashion marketplace Grailed from pre-seed to acquisition (acq. by GOAT group in 2022), and launched men’s footwear for Alexander Wang’s.

Eric strategically invests alongside late stage funds in non-cyclical private technology companies and is actively building an angel portfolio across consumer, crypto, and climate-tech startups.

Today, he advises a number of early stage founders and entrepreneurs on design operations and analytics, brand strategy, and creative direction.

Ready to raise?

As a company policy, we work with no more than 8 founders at a time. If you don’t need to start your fundraise right away, please let us know in the message.

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